OKABEST™-additives: Creating innovative solutions that satisfy and exceed market expectations of your engineering plastic compounds

The correct plastic additives choice is often crucial for the commercial success of industrial innovations. OKABEST™ plastic additives lead towards new and versatile properties. We would be very pleased if we could advice you about your additives choice and draw up the quality requirements together with you. In close cooperation with you, we are able to realize tailor-made additive packages,  OKA-Tec is eager to support you in realizing your projects.

Our product portfolio:

  • OKABEST™ – CLX/-0815 for PA and for CASE
  • OKAFLEX™ – new product range for PA
  • OKABEST™ – PAT for PP

With OKABEST™ PAT , OKABEST™ CLX  and the new OKAFLEX™ grades, OKA-Tec GmbH continuously expands its product portfolio with own developments and production of special long-term heat stabilisers. For e.g. OKABEST™ 0815  offers an excellent protection against deterioration of the mechanical properties of  PA plastic parts under continuous long-term thermal and chemical aging stress.

OKA-Tec offers particularly long-term heat  and hot-oil stabilisers which provide excellent protection against deterioration of the mechanical properties of  polyamide plastic parts. Special OKAFLEX™ grades perform additionally also very well as antihydrolytical agents against degradation reactions with acids, glycols, urea and moisture particulary suitable for under-the-hood applications.

The beneficial low volatility of our oligomeric and polimeric stabilizers could be observed clearly by the lower residues during the mixing and later during in the injection moulding process. This characteristic results in proper surface appearance, low VOC emission values and benefical electrical properties of the finished plastic parts.

OKABEST™ – CLX additives are designed exclusively for lightly coloured polyamide compounds. They  perform significantly  better than the standard copper-free polyamide antioxidants.

Furthermore with this product range you are able to achieve superior process and long-term heat stabilisation in various CASE application

OKABEST™ – PAT stabilisers are developed for Polypropylene compounds (for e.g. glass fibre or talcum reinforced PP compounds) in order to improve the long-term heat stability, lower explicitly the VOC emission values and avoid problems with “plate out“.

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