Presentation of novel stabilizers for polyester-based compounds

OKA-Tec AG from Bönen presents its latest developments and results for reliable long-term heat and hydrolysis stability for polyester-based compounds.

The long-term heat stabilizers developed and produced in Germany set new standards for the long-term resistance of PBT compounds.

The mechanical properties after long-term storage of more than 3000 hours are significantly better than those of conventionally used stabilizers in polyesters.

The measurements carried out confirm that, for example, the OKABEST™ MB 8300 grade in glass fiber-reinforced PBT compounds significantly better meets current technical market standards.

The innovative OKABEST™ stabilizers offer new solutions especially for compounders, masterbatch and polymer producers for the extensive and new requirements on the part of the automotive industry.


Further information and solutions are available upon request.

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